Beauty and beauty.

I've practically had to change my sleeping pattern for Thea. Change meals. Change Tv channels. Change what deodorant I put on to something milder, change clothing (sliced all my clothes at the breast area) and generally make the queen safe and comfortable. She's quiet but mighty. One cry sends everyone on their toes. Her smile [...]


Why aren’t feminists talking about prenatal depression?

Pregnancy is so beautiful on social media. In real life, 3 out of 5 women are afraid to admit the 1st 4 months sucked and I hear the last 2 suck more. Since I shared the news with my family and friends plus my audience that I am having a baby - I have cut [...]

Perhaps women empowerment is a privilege?

In the next 2 weeks - I will be writing about women in Western Kenya and their struggles daily among themselves and in the community. Most of these stories are heart breaking. Every woman will be given a pseudo name. We need tangible solution to such issues in our society.

We are teaching our daughters to say no, but what are we teaching our sons?

A friend sent me an audio today at 7 A.M. An audio that stated that a wise mother once told her daughter that it takes one male goat to inseminate 6 females. In the audio, the woman from Coastal Kenya was advising young women that men will always cheat and it is up to a woman [...]

You can’t speak men, without speaking equality.

Here, one has the perfect example of justice: The men have kept their women enslaved...stupid and limited and apart, for their male vanity and power; result: the dull women bore the daylights out of the men.- Martha Gellhorn. I wanted to speak men this week but I coincidentally bumped into Julia's article and reality dawned on me. [...]