Why aren’t feminists talking about prenatal depression?

Pregnancy is so beautiful on social media. In real life, 3 out of 5 women are afraid to admit the 1st 4 months sucked and I hear the last 2 suck more. Since I shared the news with my family and friends plus my audience that I am having a baby - I have cut [...]

Perhaps women empowerment is a privilege?

In the next 2 weeks - I will be writing about women in Western Kenya and their struggles daily among themselves and in the community. Most of these stories are heart breaking. Every woman will be given a pseudo name. We need tangible solution to such issues in our society.

We are teaching our daughters to say no, but what are we teaching our sons?

A friend sent me an audio today at 7 A.M. An audio that stated that a wise mother once told her daughter that it takes one male goat to inseminate 6 females. In the audio, the woman from Coastal Kenya was advising young women that men will always cheat and it is up to a woman [...]

You can’t speak men, without speaking equality.

Here, one has the perfect example of justice: The men have kept their women enslaved...stupid and limited and apart, for their male vanity and power; result: the dull women bore the daylights out of the men.- Martha Gellhorn. I wanted to speak men this week but I coincidentally bumped into Julia's article and reality dawned on me. [...]