Replacing wounds.

I fell in with Nanjala in a yoga class. It was my first yoga class. I never went back for another class but I made friends. I made a new pal. A 34 year old pulchritudinous woman, with a British infused Kenyan accent and a beautiful teenage girl as her screensaver. She was a woman- … Continue reading Replacing wounds.


Perhaps an upkeep sir?

"Enunciate your tribe; let it decide your circumstance," a friend spoofed via a phone call yesterday when I asked her how I would approach an assertive legislative matter without having to give out an old dirty brown envelope, because I wouldn't even afford to buy a new bahasha to begin with. With an era where … Continue reading Perhaps an upkeep sir?

Women and technology 2

Girls and women generally see jobs in the technology sector as solitary, boring and useless for helping others. These ideas keep girls away from the sector, since they prefer to work with people instead of machines and to perform tasks related to communication and helping others. Furthermore, there are numerous stereotypes which surround the sector, … Continue reading Women and technology 2

Technology and women. (1)

Women empowerment across the globe has not been fully achieved and to this effect women are considered inferior to men. The western world is however closer to achieving women's empowerment making women at par with men in every sector. The situation in Africa and other parts of the world is however alarming with some place … Continue reading Technology and women. (1)

You can’t speak men, without speaking equality.

Here, one has the perfect example of justice: The men have kept their women enslaved...stupid and limited and apart, for their male vanity and power; result: the dull women bore the daylights out of the men.- Martha Gellhorn. I wanted to speak men this week but I coincidentally bumped into Julia's article and reality dawned on me. … Continue reading You can’t speak men, without speaking equality.

The platform for women in the creative space just got bigger!

  In the recent years, women empowerment has become a central element of development policies in all sectors to the extent that women empowerment means reducing discrimination against women in areas such as education and labour markets. This has been a core focus to attaining gender equity and ensuring there’s development. As a writer, I … Continue reading The platform for women in the creative space just got bigger!

Oi, I found love.

To My Dearest Future Husband, Let’s just be honest here - I thought I’d be a nervous, incomplete wreck, writing this letter as I sat on my cat-infested front porch crying salty tears into a liter of cheap wine. After all, I mean, hello, I’m only 23! Which of course, to my 21-year-old self, was … Continue reading Oi, I found love.

It is Time To Pursue Master’s as a Hobby

For a while now, I have been debating within myself as to whether or not I should pursue a Master’s degree. I am worried that in the event my heart and my mind reach a consensus in favor of a Masters, I will be overburdened with indecision; which discipline should I rest my hands and … Continue reading It is Time To Pursue Master’s as a Hobby

Warm whispers, cold caresses.

Last year, I was in bed with my boyfriend; texting my best girlfriends (we call each other dsba)- a code you'll have to kill me to know. It was late at night and we were chatting in these weird whatsapp groups that women always form to encourage each other through life's usual frustrations and woes, … Continue reading Warm whispers, cold caresses.

The dangerous woman.

When you are seen as a woman who uses her faculty in a manner not benign to mankind but repugnant because beneficial to mankind should be culturally convenient yet you defy culture, question culture, go against it and designate to the road never traveled in your society, you are a dangerous woman. When the only … Continue reading The dangerous woman.

The woman; the it woman.

I was born in Pokot of a Tugen mother which makes me a Luhya woman. I did 8 years of 8-4-4 in Western Kenya in a boarding school while living in Central Kenya which made me a class eight educated girl. Joined high school in a western Kenya's girls school making me one of the … Continue reading The woman; the it woman.

Happy Birthday nerd!

This week in history; 3 extremely different but important things happened, the Pope in 1981 was assassinated on 13th May, Nelson Mandela became the first black president of south Africa on 9th may 1994 and Sheila Birgen was born. Forget about the first 2; on May 12th, a dangerous woman was born!! A woman that … Continue reading Happy Birthday nerd!