4 men worthy of marriage.

I was expected to do an International Women’s Day post- as most women that advocate for gender equity, equality, diversity and inclusion did. I was expected to talk about gender diversity and inclusion while pointing out how different feminism labels and ideologies are bringing about division among women; afterall, I had brought that topic up a while ago. I did not write anything. I have found 4 men worthy of marriage. I have found the dull spark that was hidden inside me and that is what I have been focusing on. I have been writing a book. I have been throwing up and smiling less and sleeping a lot too. I have been doing a lot of things lately. Still, why didn’t I write anything on the most important day to express my ideologies as a Feminist?

On women’s day- I was throwing up and sweating and having chills and heck- I was bloated! I was having headaches and really bad days for a beautiful thing. Yet, I was still reading and sharing and tweeting. I just couldn’t write- I still will take a few more weeks hopefully to get back into writing and holding discussions. I have a life inside me or perhaps two or 3. It/They are making me feel sick and tired and sometimes very sweaty. Being pregnant is the one thing feminism never prepared me for. It is tough as hell and by Jove, nothing gets you feeling like this. Regardless, I am writing this post to prepare and update you on a couple of things. A few things that we have been working on; my team and I since February to date.

  1. We recently launched a women’s magazine where one can become a member and post content. I did the website building myself and since I haven’t been to any coding classes and I am learning on my own how to do this, it is taking abit longer than expected to actualize but the basic concepts and everything that would make you visit the site is already in place. We are starting a Maverick woman project where you get to write about what or who in relations to standing up for women’s rights and defying odds in the fight for inclusion makes them maverick- possibly starting with you.
  2. I have started a blog for pregnant wwomen all the way to being mothers.  Being 10 weeks old has made me realise there is alot we are never exposed to as 21st Century empowered women. I am hoping this blog will have raw day to day issues that us- women can discuss on. It has various forums and I would be thrilled to have a few people willing to contribute on the Blog. Such experiences is what we need as strong women to prepare us for such a beautiful yet strange and sometimes tiresome journey to motherhood.
  3. At Lalona Magazine, we are launching the Maverick Woman Plan and we hope that you could help me spread the word. We are also accepting 100 users to be authors for Lalona. This is something we are proud of doing especially since it has a very simple login and registration step.
  4. You can submit your story on gender based issues and environmental issues here, as a contributor. That is the segment I am very excited about. This plus the Q&A at Lalonas is what I couldn’t wait to show you guys.
  5. I am writing a book and the heading is a hint of the content. It is the 4 men worthy of marriage concept on divisionalism in diversity. The book will be expected to be out by the end of April and here is the best part- it will be my 1st book and hence, a free copy for anyone that subscribes till end of the month to this blog.

How have things been with you? What are the new changes in your life. PS# my friends think that a pregnant feminist is a lesser feminist. I have had friends complain that I am different and I do not do things the same way. I sure hope they will realise that nothing has changed and I am only trying not to throw up, get a heat rash or pass out from excessive headaches. Haa!


3 thoughts on “4 men worthy of marriage.

  1. It’s because you’re creating life and you’re exhausted. You don’t stop being a feminist. Your body is just adjusting. Take the time for your well-being and the health of your baby.


      1. Nope. Nothing prepares you to create life. You just create it and when you feel your baby move, you’ll know that nothing else matters than protecting the life you’re carrying.


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