In rank and ideologies.


“If I had a dollar” by Anna Forte- was a blog post I stumbled upon and commented on in 2015, on reasons why I am a feminist. I found the article at a time in my life when I was conflicted, lost and scared. After reading more than 300 comments on the post,  I understood why my ideologies were right on track.

Reading the comments made me give up on giving up, wrote down my woes, read a few articles such as Rhonda Cort’s high-value women blog – shed a few tears of extreme joy, made myself a promise and re-opened a blog. I was going to do what I loved doing and do it my way.

I vowed to write this post when my mind was clear; now I am writing – with a sane, free mind. I started with the word because, because it gave me clarity, sanity and zeal to be the kind of woman that believes in people whose ideologies seem absurd, uncultured and defiant because I was there.

I can now write with confidence without fear of ridicule because I own my words, beliefs, and perceptions.

I write because feminism has taught me lessons and values that no lecture can be of the same impact.

Feminism has taught me that it is okay to stand out; there can never be a shadow if you are not standing in the light.

Feminism has taught me that the kind of friends you keep will not determine who you are but the time spent doing constructive long term planned goals and ideologies will.

Feminism has taught me that a strong woman cries, not because she has no idea what to do but simply because it is the toughest decision she can make without breaking.

Feminism has taught me that whoever oppresses you the most when they are supposed to be a support system, a guide, and a sophisticated approach is exactly what you need as a clear sign that you are headed in the right direction.

Feminism has taught me that the women who directs you to other women even when they are in the position to help while calling themselves feminists are the kind of women you should cut off from your life; because they will drag you down.

Feminism has taught me that the one way to be sane in your skin is to be percieved as insane to the society.

Feminism has taught me that every single week you do not find a reason to talk about a misogynistic society, you haven’t listened to the world.

Feminism has taught me patience, persistence, and rejection; in a generation where acceptance is a fundamental necessity.

Feminism has taught me that I have an equal right to life, opportunities, and ideologies but I as a woman, need to bargain harder to get it as an earn.

Feminism has taught me that being a strong different woman is not a way of living but the toughest person to be.

Feminism has taught me that it is not about the gender; it is about the fight.

Feminism has taught me love, care, and acceptance. It has taught me that everyone is fighting a battle and your actions and words will either hurt someone or make their day as worthy as it is meant to be.

Feminism has taught me that anyone who discriminates anyone based on their race, sexual orientation or gender is just as sad and conflicted as the prejudice they showcase. Do not wait in line along with the rest and let it bother you. Clear the queue instead and teach love.

Because I have accepted that I am trying to be a better woman, and that is not easy but it is always worth it, I am a feminist and because I choose to be someone else’s reason to have clarity; I write. I am a feminist because it is whom I truly am.


6 thoughts on “In rank and ideologies.

  1. Great! I think, in the last few years I have started to become more interested in feminism, and perhaps started to identify more closely with this word. I have always considered myself to be a feminist (OBVIOUSLY), in the sense that I have always believed in equality for women, but as I grow older I become more interested in the concept, and the different versions of feminism and the thinking behind it etc etc.


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