The woman; the it woman.

I was born in Pokot of a Tugen mother which makes me a Luhya woman.

I did 8 years of 8-4-4 in Western Kenya in a boarding school while living in Central Kenya which made me a class eight educated girl.

Joined high school in a western Kenya’s girls school making me one of the many non- class eight drop outs.

I completed my 4 years of high school with flying colors which made me a JAB qualified candidate.

I was posted to a university in Rift Valley, 4 years later as I await graduation; it makes a graduand.

Said goodbye to Rift Valley and swore to get out there and get a job, haven’t gotten a job yet in a city as big as Nairobi.

Living in Nairobi surrounded by people of different race and tribes, it makes me a woman that has joined the road to job hunting.

At 19, I got engaged to my first love; a tall and handsome Luo guy which made me an ex fiance to someone. Made him an ex fiance as well.

I went ahead to have short term relations to a Taita man which made me an ex friend with benefit.

Dated a Maasai man and he got married to someone else which made me the woman who refused to have sex with a man she dated one year, 7 months.

I then met a Kikuyu man that I dated for one week making me the woman who cannot sustain a relationship.

That’s when I met a Luhya man making me a side chic to someone; without my knowledge. This led me to being an ex side chic months later.

I am in love with a tall, dark and handsome Luhya guy and that makes me the woman in love alone.

I am now dating a smart, tall and funny guy which makes me a girlfriend to someone.

Travelling today, I was seated next to a Kamba man eating fries as I salivate making me a hungry woman.

Got to my destination pretty hungry a few minutes ago.

I am seated in an Indian restaurant, making me a woman who just over ate and will definitely constipate.

Then, I’ll go to an Irish pub after am done making me a woman who loves her whiskey.

Later on, I’ll call my Embu cab man to take me to my Kisii friend making me a friend that visits her friends and the woman that definitely pays her cab fare.

So, I won’t be dying today protesting not because I am not loyal to ‘my tribe’s party or because I don’t see myself as a tribe but as a Kenyan but for the simple fact that it’s immaterial whether the protests are peaceful or not. The protests exist because of an issue that can easily be resolved, without anyone suffering substantially.

David Ndii was right; let’s talk divorce. The republic is for everyone but at this at this stage, it becomes an issue of either ignorance or arrogance. Not tribe, not political agenda. (quoting a friend I care about deeply)

Today, I am not a Luhya woman or a Kalenjin woman. I am woman that’s holding a piece of paper talking about diversity and it’s positive implications, virtually. A woman wondering what she’s just been debating about; In any competition, can any sane person agree to a referee whom they think is not fair? I am a woman, living like a Kenyan.should.

What are you?


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