Happy Birthday nerd!

This week in history; 3 extremely different but important things happened, the Pope in 1981 was assassinated on 13th May, Nelson Mandela became the first black president of south Africa on 9th may 1994 and Sheila Birgen was born. Forget about the first 2; on May 12th, a dangerous woman was born!! A woman that defies odds, changes the world and inspires so many people. A kid so nerdy, she was thought wimpy growing up; no one believed in her. She believed in herself 100%. A woman who loves 100%. A woman that gives her all. A woman who isn’t held back by anything. A woman who believes in family! A woman so focused she’s never swayed by anything or anyone. A beautiful woman. Her outer and inner beauty make her a Queen. That woman; Sheilah Birgen, blows candles today to mark her birthday.

Anytime someone asks me to talk about my family, I talk about my life because they are my life. Life, is average without my family.There are days when everyone needs a shoulder to lean on. My younger siblings and I, always have a shoulder to lean on, no matter what day of the week it is. You see; when my mother gave birth to us, she made sure I had a best friend, my younger siblings had a protector and sometimes; we both had the most annoying human being on earth; my elder sister. She was born today in some.small village in Pokot. Same date as I was born, different month. God, sent us one of his to protect us. I swear, sometimes I get so angry when she cares about my heart more than I do. She’s the empath and the guardian angel and sometimes I just wanna shout, “jeeez Sheila, let loose, let go! Let me make mistakes! Let me live like an average person. Forgive whoever hurts me! I hurt people too! Let me fight my own battles! Let me fuck up or be silly” but I don’t wanna find out how much lost I can be, without her helping me out whenever I need help which is always because I will finally be a mediocre.


Happy birthday to the love of my love Sheilah Birgen. The woman that defies all odds everyday. The woman that made it through school to be a great community manager to one of the best tech hubs in East Africa, a great friend to many people and a kind soul. Born from the small village of West Pokot and going to schools whose name will make my head ache, she’s been a pacesetter. She’s not just a hub Lead, community manager, poet or great sports commentator but she’s also a great mother and a wife, a friend and an aunt. I suck at poems unlike her, but I did my best. I swear, I suck so much that it might be a porm, spoken word or something non existent. Happy birthday Sheila! Here’s something for you, from me.

There are days when life makes me hate life,
But those are the days you ask me to be life itself,
I got 99 problems and sometimes, you’re one of them haha!
I swear, I am better off with 99 problems if.you’re one of them.

Jesus Christ, someone should stop me, before I kill poetry!
Happy birthday Sheila all the way in Mozambique,
Remember to put on a happy face today and some sunscreen lotion,
Get drunk on my bill but make sure you pay because you don’t understand French; prison will be tough on you there if you don’t pay.

Keep on being an angel, the world needs more of you,
Keep being a terrific sister; we need someone to give us perspectives,
Keep being a great wife, some lucky guy was born to br blessed,
Keep being an amazing mother, a king was born by a Queen.

Happy Birthday! I love ya!


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