Beyond global warming.

All we can do is pray.” A friend of mine told me yesterday when I complained that the heat is too much, unusual and we might be facing the effects of global warming. According to her, we are getting punished by God for all the sins we commit lately like being unfaithful, tolerating homosexuals and people being openly atheist. Apparently, we are being punished and we should mend our ways to end all this. It is the only way to stop all this. Prayers. Nothing more.

6 years ago, BBC wrote an article called “Do we need our prayers?” which was about Kenya and global warming: “For millions of people in Africa, climate change is a reality. However, in religious nations such as Kenya, many believe that tackling global warming is beyond their control.” That was the article, 6 years ago. No one talked about it. No one bothered to ask what they meant and why that article was written. It is true! We are religious fanatics we run to prayers when we can do more than just praying, it lags us!

When the article was written, we had a chance to look at the brighter picture. We went ahead and killed each other over elections because of another menace in Kenya called tribalism that I could talk about for ages and actually turn the articles into books. We religiously follow the ICC rulings thanks to tribalsm even as fellow Kenyans starve to death and the best we do about poverty and starvation is share whatsApp videos and images about it. Pretty sure no one reads such article on serious matters like the BBC article to challenge it or concur with it. We just don’t care. Right? BBC is always wrong and malicious. Right? We do not care about global warming anyway. Why are they caring and persecuting Kenyans and religion. Right? That is also the politician’s job to address climate change. Right? The government’s job? Mmmh?

9 months ago, the guardian wrote another article about Kenya and global warming and climate change: “Kenya’s net gains on malaria prevention threatened by climate change. Rising temperatures have opened the door to the spread of mosquitoes to areas in which they were barely a threat two decades ago.No one talked about it. I cannot sleep at night Lately despite the fact that I have the famous treated mosquito net because the mosquitoes are ‘singing.’ Do you know how annoying mosquitos are even under that treated net and several cans of insecticide sprays which is just as hazardous to the environment?  To the Ozone? Yet no one talks about important issues in my country at all. Malaria kills. Go to Nyanza Kenya and get the statistics. Just try.

I get in the bus every morning to work and we have Maina and King’angi on the radio every morning talking about sex, infidelity, women and other rubbish no sane person would want to hear in the morning. In fact, they are the reason I cannot wait to be able to not use the bus every morning. So if such interests you, you  have to run to foreign magazines and sites such as BBC to see what they know and find out if it is actually true because our own national magazines do not have that time to write about it when  their columnist can write about important issues like women’s cheap weaves and smoking habits. Neither do the radios talk about such issues when cheating is a more important issue to talk about. We talk about giving women orgasms, having side girlfriends and such rubbish. When it comes to climate change no one wants to talk about it. If this post was about sex, I’d get so much love today. But hey, it is boring stuff. Right?

Global warming and energy crisis is the  infamous intertwined problem in Africa. It is unusually and uncomfortably hot and I simply do not know if I should call this global warming or simply just call it climate change to make the situation seem bearable and less serious, despite the fact that Global warming is straightforward and accurate. But looking at it, Global warming models predict that dry areas will become more dry while wet areas will see more water. Are we seeing more water or this heat is the evidence of local drought in some areas and not global warming? Or the equinox is at work here? Let’s wait fot the 5 said days of the equinox to be over then.

When the sun is too hot in Kenya and we can’t help but breath hot air in the day and still get uncomfortably hot at night, I sure am glad that we are yet to politicize the issue of climate change. Or rather, we are just letting it go for a moment and ignoring the energy laws and the green movement and other global warming counter measures that have been put forth by developed countries for their own political interest.  I am being sarcastic yet serious about it by the way. I am just so dehydrated it is making me indecisive, make your own decision in relations to your ideologies. What measures are we putting forth as a developing third world country that is getting baked by the sun, which is just but the beginning? I hear floods will drop by and then drought will creep in slowly like the end times and pretty sure people will pray instead of bringing about sustainable change. Is this the effect of global warming or we are simply going through the effects of deforestation and such?

Confused, sunburn and uncomfortable woman here.  Flu is kicking in as well. It is just too hot. I cannot walk naked. I cannot swim 24/7 and those aren’t solutions at all. What now? Prayers? Conferences? Activism actions? What now? I would go through the whole scientific details of global warming and the energy regulatory laws, go through the various political interferences from other continents but I am a social scientist lately. Science is for those who cannot be swayed by human emotions. Because according to World Bank, 30 years from now Africa might just face general starvation if we do not address climate change, regulate energy laws and combat global warming and I sure can’t be okay with that.


One thought on “Beyond global warming.

  1. As you’ve probably guessed it I’m pretty religious. I however also have an issue with Christians who take cover in the prayer umbrella. I believe in doing your best and what you can’t do, you turn to God for help. Most people choose to just sit and wait on God to carry them to safety.

    I have to admit I’m also one of those Kenyans who crack up and Maina and King’ang’o every morning in the City Hoppa. True. They don’t really talk about issues but unspeakable behalf of many demoralised Kenyans that many of us have lost hope. I’m not saying it’s a good thing. I just sometimes get so angry when you watch news or try to care about the country in general and there’s scandal after theft after corruption… Adding global warming on top of the killings that lavish our tv screens, we end up using Maina as a means of escape. They are our ticket to forgetting all the problems around us and laugh at silly couples with their never ending drama. Escapism. It’s a drug. And I think we’re hooked because we’re just scared of getting back to the real depressing world


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