Album reviews.

I am trying out something new. Out of my niche!! Check out these album reviews and let me know how I did and if it should be a thing at the nerdyclues community.(NC’s)

Anti­ Rihanna
It’s been 3 years since Rihanna released an album and finally her album Anti​ is out. Anti was to be
launched in November 2015 but it was delayed. Rumour has it, it was a marketing strategy. Well… Anti which has 13 songs is basically Rihanna futzing with and enhancing more of as an artist since she was the executive producer and is indexed as a
songwriter for every track in this album. It’s more flip side, R&B and hiphop than her accustomed dance­pop. It sounds more cultured, mature and enlightened. Rihanna has a lot of domination with her tone in this
album as compared to other albums. This is an album to listen to, over and over. We get to experience a new Rihanna in a great way!

Yemi Alade­ Mama Africa
Yemi’s Mama Africa’s album described as the diary of an African woman will be released on march but
there is a pre order option with tracklists out already. The 15 track album has been one of the most
diversified African album so far. She has collaborated with several artists from West to East Africa which
includes Sauti sol, P square, Flavour, Sarkodie and Dj Arafat. Previously, Yemi became the first African
artist to release a song performed in French. On this new album, we see a song called Nakupenda which
can only be assumed to have hints of Swahili proving Yemi diverse with her songs as well. This is an
album we can’t wait long enough for!

Phy­ Phylosophy
Phy, Maisha Superstar winner has released her first debut album PHYLOSOPHY which has 10 tracks that
range from Afro­pop to a soulful R&B touch that features several artists ranging from rap artists to soulful
artists. In her song Ruka already out on YouTube featuring Kaligraph and King Kaka, she perfectly
blends afro pop with rap. This album is a must have that will keep you glued. Phy who was being
mentored by King Kaka in Maisha Superstar has featured a lot of King Kaka in her debut album.

If this works out, I’ll be posting album reviews twice a month. You can submit your own reviews at or add abything at the comment section and suggest the albums you’d want reviewed!


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