Is skin color, skin deep?

I am my own biggest critic. Before anyone else has criticized me, I have already criticized myself. But for the rest of my life, I am going to be with me and I don’t want to spend my life with someone who is always critical. So I am going to stop being my own critic. It’s high time that I accept all the great things about me. – C.Joybell C

When people put you down enough, you start believing it. In this internet era, it just gets worse with time. I am pretty sure that if you do a research and just take a normal popular body cream used by many people for moisturizing purposes and repack it and label it, “for getting curves without side effects” or label it, to achieve a lighter skin tone without side effects,” it will go off market in a matters of seconds because most people are trying to be someone else. Someone beautiful. They strive to become a beauty.

Beauty… What is it?
In this generation, beauty is the ability to look fluent in cotton garb that fits your body. But truth is, it’s how your mind tries to find solutions to life situations in a flawed society. Looking at beauty in that angle enables someone to disapprove the stereotypic beliefs of people who can’t see skin deep of their own beauty let alone others. Beauty is the swiftness of a good mind, the mastering of arts of life; big ass or small ass, light skin or dark skin. Every woman has her beauty unmatched by any other aspect to say that a woman is truly beautiful.

Basically, we are in a society that you have to know a woman well to see her beauty in most situations to not just see her skin, ass and curves. If we view women as beings to be objectified, all they become is someone pretty who lacks the respect to be called beautiful.

Skin color and body shape will soon be the cause of most divorces and family break ups because you’ll fail to procreate what you are. Unless you go to Britain and genetically modify your baby before it’s born and that’s money you’ve already spent on your own imperfections we are talking about here. Pretty soon, women will be sued for false identity and for being cons. Honestly at this point; Team Melanin, team inner beauty belongs in the wild.

Dare to love yourself as if you were a rainbow with gold at both ends. – Abadjhani.

So, let’s be real today guys though. I recently made a T-shirt that had the writings, team melanin, team Inner beauty but who are we kidding. That’s just something I did to look cool and sound funk and responsible. I believe in secularism but truth is, it’s time that we should stop saying that beauty is skin deep or a woman’s beauty lies with her heart for a second and be real because this internet generation has made women uncomfortable in their own skin it has gotten into our heads. Last I checked, even as a woman I am a visual being. Lupita Nyong’o and Amber Rose would stand side by side and my attention will automatically shift to Amber because her body and skin colour are being glorified, at this point all Lupita has is the fact that she has been to the Oscars. I will only look beyond all that if I want to marry her or Amber forcing me to look at the bigger picture.

My best friend is darker than Lupita Nyong’o and equally prettier. She’s one of the most beautiful women I know. Flawless, skinny and flexible both physically, emotionally and financially. She’s one of the darkest skinned women I know. She’s also one of the most creative, artistic women I know. She can draw anything. She can also do any make up tutorials as she is a make up artist as well and she can also write better than most people. She owns her own business, she has a degree in one of the toughest courses that involve a split between international relations and financial engineering. Don’t think that she has relationship issues as well, she gets tons of marriage offers let alone dating offers from good guys. They just do it at the wrong time because she’s working on herself.

Today, she also got a job interview for a job she’s been looking forward to BUT as she had predicted, all women at the interview that she was called for today, had big asses and they had skirts to show it all. She got early to the interview and seeing that everyone had an ass and a lighter skin tone ,she left. She left to go back and get some enhancers. She automatically ignored her strongholds which is experience and education and limited herself to body looks in an interview for a job that has nothing to do with beauty or human interaction of any kind. Why would you need an ass to be a veterinarian?

It wasn’t that frustrating for her today though because she wore a butt enhancer pad to have a bigger artificial ass to the job interview that she was over qualified for. But at least she fitted right in. To be honest, her life is perfect business wise, she has the talent and the brains but when it comes to being the perfect woman to the society, she struggles to prove to everyone that she is the woman most men look for. She’s not light skinned and the worst part, she is not curvy at all. Never will be. Believe me, she’s tried. So, she will always live a lie to be perfect.

Stop turning your back on such beauty.

This is what she tells me day in, day out, “I have to have a personality to destruct the people in this shallow world that am darkskinned and assless. I also have to dress to kill to compete. That’s the truth and it doesn’t make me feel sorry for myself at all.” That said, it’s a pity that the society tries so hard to prove to everyone that they are not bias or they do not succumb to stereotypes but truth is, we are a society shaped by shallow stereotypical beliefs. Kenya, do you know that in USA, the country most Instagram Divas try to imitate it’s lifestyle, people have eating disorders because being skinny uko is the thing. Yet, people in Africa want to be big bootied and light.

I wonder if there is a time that will come where people will go to hospital for melanin removal addiction. Lately, people have started to look like they have tanned like white people do because of the difference in skin colour. I was in a certain county and meeen, people are literally orange in colour at their faces while their hands are black. They are really ugly looking than the way they previously thought dark was not beauty. They are now beasts.

Men and women have been reduced to mere looks that barely maketh a human being. A human being is more than just his or her skin or body. And unless that is realised, we are doomed.
Perhaps the resilience of the mind is a flaw that makes the the real women in the society. The ability of women’s beauty to conform to the twists and madness of our society is a state of art. For me, I see it is beauty to be able to manipulate people to see you for who you are.

Skin colour, ass and finances becomes relative when you have a free mind because you already have the power to twist the disfavours from society to opportunities of self fulfillment.
A good character becomes the epitome of beauty and a motivation to most women who desire to earn the respect and the crown from beauty that comes from within which is more beautiful than just a big ass or skin colour.
Good personality and character are the masters of true beauty to an age of confusion and a societies of mad designs.


8 thoughts on “Is skin color, skin deep?

  1. The best article for me because i am so against this thing of team dark skin or light skin….make me feel like we are going 10 steps behind. What can we do to change this really


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