Fat woes.

My friend or rather, ‘friend’ told me today that I am the good kind of fat and that’s the main reason I get sexual offers a lot more than ‘other fat people’. Turns out, I attract fuck boys because bad boys like knowing if the padded myth about fat women is true without having to feel ashamed about it when his mates demand to know who the woman is. So, basically, if I have sex with someone, he’ll be like “Hey dudes… That myth about padded vaginas is a fucking lie or it’s so damn true, she was so freaking tight meeen.” and when they ask, “who is this chic dude” , he can point you out and no one will judge him because they want to try it too. Doesn’t look too bad. Right? Literally, human beings disgust me sometimes with their ignorance… So, basically, getting laid is such a big deal now that we have to stereotype sex occurrences. Right? So, she means that being fat means you’re sexually deprived and i should feel privileged because once in a while I get laid? Well, it doesn’t end there.

She goes ahead to let me know how lucky I am getting all this attention with my body type. Wow, I must say… That escalated pretty quick in the, “you better get your nose out of people’s businesses before you get smacked around” department. Turns out, she really felt the need to let me know that I had fats in the right ‘allowed’ places and that’s the only reason I am enjoying the luxury of being hit on by ‘normal’ men. … So, she wanted me to call myself big and beautiful instead of always writing, “A few extra pounds, fat or overweight” in my online dating profile.

Apparently, according to her, I am the healthy kind of a fat person and she’s proud of me for that. Turns out, she is so invested in my calories intake in relations to my physical appearance to the extent that she has noticed that I am SLIGHTLY flexible and disease free unlike my fellow fat people. Well, she goes ahead to bring out more steaming pile of shit from her mouth by letting me know that as much as I am fat, I have the body to ‘comfortably’ hold and cuddle up with unlike the rolls other fat people have. I have the rolls. I just don’t give a fuck about them. That much. Everyone or almost everyone has a roll. When I sit down, I feel them. Most people do actually. At this point, I wonder if she was high on some drug or something because that was the worst fat shamming comment I had ever heard from a human being who claims to have a brain.

So, I tell her… “I am not big and beautiful. I am fat and I love to eat and hate exercise. I am fat and I am unhealthy, but the only people that should be concerned about that are me. If anyone is unhealthy or healthy whether fat or skinny, it’s none of your business. You should really stop sticking your nose in other people’s business honey.” She doesn’t shut up yet. She let’s me know that I would be way more sexier if I lost a little bit of weight. Actually, she clarifies that I’d be a keeper if I did. I will be someone’s girlfriend. Well, well, well… Guess fat people can’t be in relationships now huh? So, if I become smaller in size it means I can tolerate bullshit and stay in a shitty relationship?

It seems like her point was basically “you might be fat but it’s the good kind of fat so, I’ll respect you plus, no one is going to actually love you unless you tone down a couple of dress sizes.” She doesn’t seem to understand that there are fat people who don’t exercise and who do eat lots of fast food, and those fat people deserve respect too. In fact, those people are happily married or in relationships. So while she was trying to be sweet in a really uncivilised way by being a ‘Good friend’ and giving me sound advice… She’s basically advocating for the notion that fat people only deserve respect and love if they do all of the right things like eat healthy and exercise. She seems to forget that everyone deserves respect and love no matter what choices they make about their body.


What do you think? Come on, say something.

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