I shed tears for humanity. (Syrian refugees)

I saw you on the beach,
Lying on the sand, water hitting your little body,
Your body lifeless, cold..gone.
Your face down on the sand…
I shed a tear for you.

I couldn’t help but think of you,
I couldn’t help but pray for your mother,
I couldn’t help but weep for your father,
I wondered how you went,
I shed a tear for war.
A mother’s heart floating on the ocean,
A Father’s future drowned in pain,
A sibling’s support snatched.
A fellow human destroyed.
I shed a tear of embarrassment.

What did you do to deserve this?
You were born? That is wrong?
Born in the wrong country?
Born into this world?
I shed a tear because I live in a world like this.

A world of borders and boundaries,
A world full on hate and heat,
A world that is so selfish,
A world that cares no more.
I shed a tear for compassionate.

For we have failed you,
We killed you, all of us.
We drowned you in water of hate.
We have all disappointed you.
I shed a tear to apologize.

May your picture remind us to be humans again,
May the short life you lived haunt us if we forget,
May your heart crash our walls and sharpen our conscience.
May you rest in peace, dear stranger, son of earth.
I shed tears for humanity.

Written by she-poet.blogspot.co.ke


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