Happy Birthday Love!

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As my sister turns a year older, I want her to remember something. It’s not a hangover that you’ll have tomorrow my love, it’s wine flu. Keep calm and drink for 2. Happy happy birthday to the love of my life. Best friend forever. That’s what kids nowadays call people that mean the world to them. Right? Call me crazy but my sister is my Bff. It’s strange really… We are friends first, family later. She knows the right things to say, knows the right way to make you laugh. She is literally the one person who gives more than she receives. She drives the world crazy and she is working tooth and nail to make the world better through IT. She was trending in the Berlin conference last week and I must say, I cannot be prouder of her at this moment. She is a wonderful mother not only to her beautiful son but to many others she can reach and be there for, both emotionally and financially. She is the best friend anyone can ask for. As she turns a year older, I wish she wasn’t thousands of miles away so that I would choke her with hugs. We have each others backs. There is nothing about me that she doesn’t know and that includes my sex and love life. She’s literally the one person I can entrust my honesty to. She is always sad when am sad. Just last week, I was going through a rough patch and she was in a worse shape than I was. My problems were depressing her. So, today, I have an excuse why I will be drinking more than normal liquor. Love you my darling.

530810_4809765843317_1644502431_nTHE BEST PERSON I KNOW

11193376_10153686781415715_2775579525496417472_nALL I CAN COME UP WITH AS SHE’S IN BERLIN.


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