There is violation of basic human rights, then there is another level of violation.

You never tear gas kids. EVER. Kenya just made a dark history , my heart is covered in shame. We voted in a new government, we just didn’t know we could witness them stabbing our future in the chest,aiming at our most vitals.



When a Police Service, WAIT…. A Police Force uses teargas on school children the age of seven-years just because they are holding a peaceful demonstration to protest the grabbing of their school land by a notorious Mashamba grabber, then we have a governance problem. It might just imply that We have police officers with an IQ half the size of those children’s. You wake up so early in the morning so happy you’re off to work and you serve your country by creating a horrible history we will never recovery from. I know the children were not supposed to be a part of the demonstration but hey, they were. That doesn’t mean you tear gas them? It feels like a different circumstance of south Africa. Same incidence, more embarrassing situation on the government’s part. The police force is a huge fail.


CHESS.. This is the one game am good at and I really like simply because the victory depends on your strategy, keenness and patience. Most of the time, one minor mistake costs you and no one else. The ratings of other people in terms of incompetence never crosses your borders.
We say that the POLICE OFFICERS are the most corrupt individuals but guess what, they follow orders. In case you need a remainder, very few of us enjoy the basic rights without fear. It’s just one of those things our current government might have gifted us. Sadly, this battle is a total loss and we are hoping that the youth specifically come up with elite strategies to level out the uncomfortable settings of our lives.

Holding to what I have.


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