The light on the top of the defective apartment.

I am seated in my house – a studio apartment; a place I moved into 4 months ago – having some coffee as I listen to my neighbor’s music. The house (a standard size for any studio apartment in this area of Nairobi) is pretty packed and dirty. The house is actually disorganized, dusty and… Continue reading The light on the top of the defective apartment.

Perhaps an upkeep sir?

“Enunciate your tribe; let it decide your circumstance,” a friend spoofed via a phone call yesterday when I asked her how I would approach an assertive legislative matter without having to give out an old dirty brown envelope, because I wouldn’t even afford to buy a new bahasha to begin with. With an era where… Continue reading Perhaps an upkeep sir?

Women and technology 2

Girls and women generally see jobs in the technology sector as solitary, boring and useless for helping others. These ideas keep girls away from the sector, since they prefer to work with people instead of machines and to perform tasks related to communication and helping others. Furthermore, there are numerous stereotypes which surround the sector,… Continue reading Women and technology 2